The EMAC Groups is a best in class recruitment and training firm, focused solely in the mortgage industry. We provide expert high-touch talent acquisition and leadership development solutions that guarantee success.

EMAC has three goals in mind

  1. To help qualified mortgage professionals find the best employer and identify opportunities to take their career to a whole new level.
  2. To assist hiring managers find the Ideal Candidates, quickly and effectively through a direct recruiting approach to acquiring talent.
  3. To train and hone the recruiting skills of our clients via our Mortgage Recruitment Academy. With our training members become experts in attracting and hiring the best talent.

We do not depend on job boards to find talent, we specialize in recruiting passive candidates that are focused on their career aspirations. Our ability to utilize non-traditional avenues allows us to tap into a vast network of highly qualified industry candidates, many of which are currently employed and not actively searching job boards.



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